Over the last few years Groningen has evolved into a Walhalla for Techno lovers all over the Netherlands. From big techno festivals during summer to techno clubs on weekdays and in the weekend, it’s no wonder Groningen has been compared to Berlin!

Enjoy the underground techno scene at bars like Oost, Subsonic and Simplon. These venues, with a Berlin edge, will have you dancing until the next morning (when you really should be getting up to go to class)!

Not in the mood for bar-hopping but ready for a full on rave? Check out the events organized by many organizations like KopjeK and Paradigm. These Groningen organizations know how to surprise their fans. Parties held at secret locations, with international DJ’s and creative themes always have the people wanting more. And as the sun gets warmer and the nights longer the first Festivals start to arrive. Pick out your best outfit, put on your sunglasses and feel the bass!

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